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Slow luxury - What is jamdani?

It doesn’t take any great intellect or qualifications to create something wonderful, just absolute devotion towards what you wish for.’


Absolute devotion goes into weaving the fine muslin cotton known as jamdani, which is a favourite Cassandra Harper fabric. Every piece is uniquely and beautifully hand loomed and it feels wonderful - light and soft to wear. Often used as sari fabric and distinguished by the intricate motifs that are woven into the fabric, jamdani was traditionally produced for centuries in Bengal. Under British colonial rule, policies favouring industrially manufactured textiles saw a decline in this gorgeous fabric. Fortunately, the more recent appreciation for authentic, artisan-made textiles has seen jamdani weaving make a resurgence. In 2013 jamdani was declared a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which recognises it as a significant traditional art. It is one of the most time consuming forms of hand-loom weaving and is considered one of the finest varieties of muslin.

Cassandra Harper's commitment to sustainable slow fashion means representing beautiful jamdani in our collection, and we celebrate the extraordinary skills of expert weavers and the intrinsic beauty of traditional hand-loomed textiles.

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