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Stunning shibori silk

My love of the incredibly beautiful art of shibori comes from the infinite number of ways one can bind, stitch, fold and twist the fabric - each way creating very different and unique dyed patterns.

Shibori is a craft of traditional Japanese resist dyeing. These techniques are ancestral crafts - handed down exclusively within Japanese artisan families. Not to be confused with your standard old tie dyed t-shirt technique in the West, shibori is sophisticated and intricate. Each and every detail of shibori represents a tied knot or stitch placed very deliberately by an artisan’s hands. For some examples of wonderful Japanese shibori, take a peek at the webshop of Kirikomade.

To me this wonderful craft is timeless yet modern. I have been creating collections with shibori silks for many years in Cambodia and India, as I never tire of the endless possibilities.

Every year I travel to India to meet with talented artisans to create and plan fabrics for the following season. My all time favourite is shibori silk for the lustre and shine and the intricate detail ingrained on this delicate fabric.

To me shibori is always be in fashion and will forever be a part of Cassandra Harper.

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